2022-2023 APR Report

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has released the statewide Annual Performance Reports (APRs) for the 2022-23 school year. APRs demonstrate the progress local education agencies (LEAs) and their individual buildings are making towards meeting the Standards and Indicators in the sixth version of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP 6).

There are several key considerations when reviewing the 2023 APR data:

• Data may only be compared to 2022 APR data, and not previous APRs released under MSIP 5.

• The statewide distribution of APR scores in 2023 is similar to that in 2022.

• Overall scores at the LEA level reflect the statewide assessment results reported in August 2023, and statewide trends in academic performance align to those reported nationally.

• Interventions to fill in learning gaps must continue at a higher rate.

• Chronic absenteeism remains a concern and has increased most significantly among the lowest performing groups of students since the pandemic.

• Continuous improvement plans reflect that LEAs recognize the importance that planning plays in improving instruction and student performance.

“It is our hope that schools can use these data — along with local assessments and other key data points — to inform their continuous school improvement plans and to use this unique period of time in education to reimagine how we can best serve students while continuing to focus on the basics such as reading and math,” said Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven. “Statewide, we will continue to focus on improving teacher recruitment and retention, addressing chronic absenteeism, and advancing early learning and literacy efforts.”

MSIP is the state’s system for reviewing and accrediting/classifying LEAs. It outlines expectations for school practices and student outcomes, with the goal of each student graduating ready for success in college, career, and life.

The 2023 APR is the second APR generated under the newest iteration of MSIP 6 and will be used for accreditation purposes next year, once the 2024 APR data are released and three years of data are available to support those determinations.

Step-by-step instructions on accessing the 2023 APR data are available to help users navigate the different viewing options for the report. Additional resources can be found on the MSIP 6 webpage.