PAT (Parents as Teachers) Program

Amy Capstick, PAT Educator

[email protected]

All Missouri school districts offer a Parents As Teachers, which is an early education program for children (prenatal to kindergarten age and their parents). In a child’s first three years, he/she learns the basic skills to be used in all later learning both at home and at school. In the next two years, the child continues to build on these basic skills. The goal of the early childhood program is to develop a home/school partnership emphasizing family as the most effective tool to help a child achieve the best possible start in life. The following are services provided through this program.
All Services are at “No Charge” to parents/guardians.
Prenatal Visits – Prenatal visits provide basic and detailed information to help prepare parents for their new child.
Private Home Visits – Parent Educators visit participant’s homes or schedule visits with children/parents at the Elementary School. Visits are scheduled prenatal (for parents-to-be) through the child’s third birthday. Additionally, family visits may be provided until the child enters kindergarten.
Group Connections – A variety of topics are addressed to meet family needs. Various activities are provided throughout the year for parents and their children. Group connections are especially designed for children up to five years of age. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Topics and dates are announced periodically.

Developmental Screenings – A yearly screening of a child’s educational and health development (from age three months to pre-kindergarten) is provided in-home, in Head Start or childcare settings, or at the Early Childhood Center. Such screenings provide a baseline for general development, hearing, vision and dental progress.